Saturday, September 12, 2015

Welcome to Punk Politics

~Punk Politics~

Anarchy IS "regarded as a political ideal." (Google definition)

"Anarchy is the condition of a society, entity, group of people or a single person which does not recognize authority. It originally meant leaderlessness, but in 1840, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon adopted the term in his treatise What Is Property? to refer to a new political philosophy, anarchism, which advocates stateless societies based on voluntary associations."

We believe anarchy and government go together nicely. As long as you are happy to have anarchistic views, and implement them through self-governance.

I believe in punk politics (and us punks pretty much own anarchy lol). And in my school of thought anarchistic government is achievable.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Ideal Global Government

~The Ideal of Global Government~

If there is a singular, world or global government, then it negates a need for war or strife.

No one county would hold the power to invade any other under the precepts of bringing about a peaceful solution to any given crisis.

Monday, June 22, 2015

5 Steps To Global Government

The current climate of Austerity makes the overwhelming need for a Global Government even more drastic then it ever has. I hate the fact that good people are being harassed and harangued by nation-states that insist its for our own good. This is clearly wrong.

The published goals of the World Aliance Party is global government, a global bank and a one world order where all lives are equal. This might be a tall order, but so was democracy.

There are 5 steps in achieving our first goal: A Global Government. And I'm going to let you into a little secret... They're achievable in our life times.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

The Future Is Yours

As a youth I was probably the most arrogant person you could meet.

I was a Conservative in the 80s (not a card-carrying-one I might add), but I believed the guff that Saint Margaret T proclaimed with all the relish and zest of a Young Tory Entrepreneur.

I believed the stuff about the unions trying to run the country (via Labour), and I even accepted the stuff about the Conservatives having the answers to the economy problems of the 80s.

My love affair with Tory politics came to ahead in the 90s when I woke up to the mess they had left behind them. And with the revelation of my own naivety, I lost faith in the Tory party totally. I underwent a change; doing a 180 degree turnabout from what I used to be.

I’m better now - lol

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

The Struggle is Real

The Struggle Is Real

In a former life I was Conservative voter. (I know shame on me.) Now, that seems very unlikely, but it was the 80's ('greed is good') mentality.

However, my former-self has an annoying habit of popping up at the most inappropriate moments. Often when I'm feeling old and cranky. As a nearly 50-year-old, I seem to get more and more of them.

My latest annoyance is all these austerity cuts:

Breadline Britain: Photo credits Orb Dark

Do those in power believe Breadline Britain is a thing of the past? Do we not have food banks in all British cities these days? Have they learned so little in the last few months, of their vote-winning spree, about the average electorate?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Privatise Great Britain

Do They Intend to Privatise Great Britain?

21st century Britain is quietly been sold-off, part-by-part, to the private sector and no one seems to have noticed. Except you’re truly of course.

The problem of having public assets (or state-run ownership) is they are rich for the picking by the private sector. They are cash-cows, perfect for breaking apart and asset stripping.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Whats World Government

What's World Government Anyway?

I intend to share what I've read about world/ global government, what I've learn on the subject, and what I believe one should be.

I'll also show how having just one government would change everything for humanity.

Firstly, What Is A Global Government?

Currently, we don't have anything like a global or world government:

"'World government' refers to the idea of all humankind united under one common political authority."

To put it in a nutshell. Its the globalisation of politics ~ without borders.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

WAP Launches

The centre party relaunched to challenge historically elite political parties

Relaunched and Rebranding the (British) Social Media Party as WAP (World Alliance Party).

The website, that shut down last January, is returning from internet limbo ~but as WAP~ is hoping to reconnect with its users and revive its fortunes.

"We're happy that we've returned under our improved charter," Cyberpunk65, their political leader said yesterday. "Now we need to maximise this opportunity to build our party congress."

The decision to relaunch itself as an open, multi-faith party is more than a challenge, it's a promise to change modern politics completely.

So welcome to the WAP - WORLD, Alliance Party ~ we welcome all.

Check for our constantly updating info.

Thank you

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Who's Afraid of A World Government?

"...not so long ago the idea of world government had greater influence in the United States. Amid the enormous destruction unleashed by World Wars I and II, American Presidents successfully championed the establishment of the League of Nations and, later, the United Nations as instruments to curb the narrow nationalism that traditionally had led to war."

A Modern Utopia by H.G. Wells
A Modern Utopia by H.G. Wells
Given the obvious failures of mainstream political figures and the weakness of the United Nations at present, the whole 'One World Government' thing seems decades away. Still, people seem scared by the entire concept.

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