Statement of Purpose

This party aims to provide a free, democratic, liberal, and secure environment for UK citizens, with in a society that benefits all.

We are here to build a fair community free of poverty (un-enslaved by neglect) and to safeguard the freedoms of an open society (unencumbered by the ignorance of conformity) where individuals have a right to dignity, and the liberty to develop their own skills/talents to their optimum. We aim to nurture creativity, foster diversity, and disperse power wherever possible.

We believe in a state that allows individuals to take part in the decision-making process that affects their lives, to contribute fully to that society (and their own communities) to attain these ideals. United by a common belief in respect, equality, education, and social justice.

We are a political party for a diverse group of political individuals (from across the political spectrum), united by the single goal of allowing 'The People' (community) full power and autonomy of laws, policies, and decision making.
  • This is the statement of purpose (otherwise known as a Mission Statement) for the (British) Social Media Party. 10.09.12.

Amendments: after re-branding to World Alliance Party (WAP)
We want to bring people together, make a mark on the political agenda, by encouraging wide ranging discussions on issues that matter to all UK citizens. This is to achieve change, and to better the lives of the masses (in local community and) in the global community.

Fight the inequality of our current political system; let every vote count and not a single vote go to waste (as it currently does.)
  • This is the amendment was added 10.08.15.


  1. Why not a system of E-Governance, where there are NO elected representatives, as they are not needed. Every citizen can be as engaged as they wish, developing and presenting proposed policies, to be worked up by paid specialists in the relevant fields. These results can then be voted on and implemented, amended, or rejected. Saving a fortune in the cost of elections, elected members fees/salaries, and big cost building infrastructure. Would this be considered a World Alliance Party possible political policy position?

  2. As a certain American Gangster was eventually charged for tax evasion; cannot Tony Blair face a criminal investigation for defrauding the UK people in relation to actions taken in the lead up to the invasion of Iraq. Especially as it relates to the ensuing consequences of his actions, apparent misleading of the elected representatives, with the current result of him gaining financially apparently from these actions. If a case is proven then the relevant assets can be stripped, under the proceeds of crime act and be re-distributed to the service personnel and their families, who suffered because of it.


Thanks for the comment, I'll leave proper reply soon. Thanks again CybaPunk65 for WAP

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